Well now ... we have a website.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  We have a website and now skiers planning vacations might find us.  As Chaplain at Steamboat Mountain Resort, and Director of Bless Steamboat, an Alpine Resort Ministry, let me welcome visitors to our site and also to our mountain.  There is glory in Steamboat Springs, God's own glory.  And those who see the glory gather every Sunday all winter long to praise and worship the Creator of all glory.

This year we have made a concerted effort to be easier to find.  Beyond this website, we hope you will see us on the trail map, or see the signs at the top of the Gondi.  And if you find us, maybe you'll decide to worship with us.  Perhaps some might even join us after worship in distributing cookies to lift attendants and ski patrollers -- a Sunday tradition at Steamboat for many years.

But now that you have found us on our still incomplete website, we would love to hear your comments on the site, and comments on any prior experience with the Steamboat's Mountaintop Worship Service.

We pray for our visiting skiers, and we pray blessings over visitors to this site as well!